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Andy and Meg // Wedding // Homestead Manor, Spring Hill, TN

I absolutely LOVE shooting outdoor weddings. I can wander about and shoot from nearly anywhere without disturbing or imposing myself into the ceremony. It gives SO many opportunities for great angels and unique shots that you just can’t get in a church. Frankly, outdoor weddings (and receptions!) are one of my absolutely favorite things about shooting in the South.

Andy and Meg are the first couple ever to get married at Homestead Manor. Until this past year, the home was a private residence. Every time I drove past, all I could think about was how much I wanted to shoot there. Now that it’s a tea house and event space, I finally get to! And what a couple to get to start with!

Andy and Meg are the sort of couple that makes me SO glad to be that I get to do what I do. They’re so in love with each other that my job is a piece of cake. Heck, I had to tell them to STOP kissing so I can get a shot of their faces!

The ceremony started at 5:30 which put the sun low enough in the sky to give some really nice directional light. Andy played entrance music on his guitar (Beatles. Always appropriate) which probably helped him not to cry… yet.

Afterward, more portraits were made, followed quickly by the cake cutting and a desert bar. At heart, I’m really still a child. Skip dinner and have a dozen different deserts? Heck yeah! Andy is a photography lover as well and had managed to get his hands on a Polaroid and an ample supply of film. Every time I turned around, there he was, shooting! I got to see a few of the images, but I’d love to spend some time digging through the fruits of his labor.

While Andy was shooting, Meg spent the better part of the reception dancing with the bridal party and being serenaded by Andy’s fellow marines (ala Top Gun). While they certainly aren’t Johnny Rivers, they did a pretty bang-up job!

We got so many killer shots that I may have some trouble limiting what I post up here. Sorry if this post runs a bit long!

Getting Ready

Meg's Wedding Dress

Meg's Wedding Dress

Andy gets ready

Semper Fi

Bride climbing stairs

Bridal Portrait


Groom's Portrait

Homestead Manor

Bride and Dad

Groom's Anticipation

Bride walking downt the aisle

At the Altar



With this ring


We're Married!

Bridal Portrait

The Rings!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Detail

Oreo Wedding Cake

The Bridal Party

Bridal Portrait

First Dance

Wedding Line Dance

Marines like to dance

Photo-bombed by the photographer
Yes, they were photo-bombed by their photographer. What can I say? It happens.

Pulp Fiction

Marco Polo

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

The Getaway

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