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Every once in a while a blog post rights itself.  This one has them all beat.

Gail and Tim started dating FIFTY TWO YEARS AGO!  That’s right, 1958.  Before civil rights.  Before the Beatles.  Even before my Mom.  Things didn’t work out then (Gail broke up with Tim, for the record) and they both moved on with their lives.  Kids and eventually grand-kids followed.  Most would assume their days of wine and roses were at an end long since.  Then, about four months ago, they reconnected!  The same old connection was instantly restored.  They talked and prayed together every day, often for hours at a time.  It would almost seem that this new beginning was a foregone conclusion!

Early one morning (and I do mean EARLY), I drove out to the Natchez Trace in Franklin.  The sun hadn’t even made it above the horizon when I cracked open my camera case and started shooting.  Surrounded by family and friends, Gail and Tim did something generally reserved for people one third their age!  One look at Gail’s amazing smile tells you all you need to know about the mood that morning.

Congratulations, Gail and Tim!  May God bless you with all the joy marriage can bring!


  1. Just beautiful, Tyler! Brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Aw man I wanted to write and say I love to read your blog!

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